A Modern Development With An Industrial Past

Built in 1910, White Provision served as the first large-scale meat packing plant in the South and continued to operate in this capacity until 1963. After decades of decline, White Provision began its revival in 2006 when Jamestown Properties, in collaboration with White Provision Development Company, began a joint venture to create a robust mixed-use experience.

Drawing upon the area’s heritage as a center for industrial commerce, the development team focused on preservation by executing the adaptive reuse of the original 1910 warehouse structure and adding the ultramodern, industrial-inspired residential building. The design of the new structures complement the original building to create a unique live, work, and play community. White Provision Residences now resides inside the Westside Provisions District, a thriving shopping and dining destination as well as an excellent example of adaptive reuse.

White Provision milestones throughout history:


The first listing of the White Provision Company appears in the city directory head-quartered “under the Whitehall Viaduct.”


White Provision Company: With an Atlantan business spirit that promoted “the dollar and the dogwood” in the face of all other obstacles after the Civil War, the idea for the White Provision Company meat packing plant presented a powerful vision with popular backing. This meat processing facility is described in The City Builder as being the “first in the south”.


Swift & Company Construction Department: The White Provision Company was purchased by the nation’s largest meat packers Swift and Company. Swift decided to continue operating under the White Provision Company name that was known so well throughout the region. The majority of the building had been completed by this time.

Sometime towards the end of the 1930′s a major addition was made in the form of the storefront facing Howell Mill and stretching a couple of hundred feet to the south of the main structure.


Beazley Corporation purchased the building and 8.3 acres of land upon which the building sat. All of the equipment was removed to facilitate the use of the building as a warehouse.


Purchased for approximately $ 250,000 in 1963 the building fell into further disrepair and decay while the owners Charles S. and William H. Martin looked for ways to economically utilize the outdated spaces.


Bill Smith bought the building from Richard Martin for approximately $950,000 and was going to continue renting the space out as storage in the form of a huge U-Haul center. As people kept coming to him asking to rent out residential loft space he very quickly reconsidered his original ideas. Of the total 200,000 square feet approximately 1/2 were developed as do-it-yourself live/work loft spaces.


Jamestown Properties, in collaboration with White Provision Development Company, began a joint venture to create a robust mixed-use experience. Today White Provision Residences are nestled inside the Westside Provisions District; a community of  first-in-class retail, dining and condos.